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Frequently Asked Questions

Some things people ask us

Is OpenSales really free?

Yes - OpenSales is completely free and we do not offer any paid plans. Since OpenSales is powered by our community, we don't charge them a cent.

How do you offer it for free?

Data is expensive, and other tools go through a lot of work to buy databases of emails. These are expensive, and usually bad quality. We instead get data from our community in exchange for free access.

How many emails can I find?

OpenSales gives you 100 valid email credits per month. if you become a contributor by connecting your mailbox. Risky emails do not deduct credits.

What data do I provide OpenSales?

OpenSales contributors share email header and signature blocks from their business email with us. This is information that would be found on a business card, like names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

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